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National copyright bureau edits 99 years remuneration standard

15/01/2012 22:40 0 Comentarios Lectura: ( palabras)

National copyright bureau edits 99 years remuneration standard

Report from ourlouis vuitton outlets correspondent (reporter Zhang Hong) standard of author's remuneration on the low side, active author's remuneration did not change for years wait for a problem, it is writer and the problem that the person that compose pays close attention to all the time. Reporter from " Chinese news publishs a newspaper " see, management of copyright of national copyright bureau manages Zhaozhi of vice director soup expressed recently, national copyright bureau has noticed the appeal of writers, actually active already hand edits the relevant job of new remuneration standard. Many netizen expresses to welcome to this, appeal raise contribution fee thelouis vuitton outlets stores place is collected since duty.

New remuneration standard is seeking an opinion

National copyright bureau came on stage 1999 " reward of publication character work sets " the 6th, it is to the regulation of basic remuneration standard " start work formerly: Every louis vuitton 2012 1000 words 30 yuan, 100 yuan " . Shang Zhaozhi says, the standard of this one remuneration that national copyright bureau published 1999, it is a basis the element such as the market price case of national macroeconomic level and common culture product makes at that time. As Chinese economy swift and violent development, adjusting work remuneration level appropriately is should and must.

Shang Zhaozhi says, survey undertakes in the person that copyright of national copyright bureau manages department near future to will be used inlouis vuitton outlet relevant author, work, guild, many sided seeks an opinion, science establishs new remuneration standard reasonably, , so that protect the author's rights and interests better, the creation of farther incentive writers is enthusiastic, at the same time also obligee of give attentionlouis vuitton wallets to two or morethings and the interest balance between the person that use concern.

Old " set " the result is favorable

Shang Zhaozhi says, national copyright bureau came on stage 1999 " reward of publication character work sets " favorable effect and effect had in practice. Such as is used in accredit license, be in especially author and dispute happens to undertake reconciliatory between the person louis vuitton outlets store online that use, when the circumstance such as arbitral, lawsuit, had vital guidance, reference and normative effect.

Más sobre

Soup Zhao Zhite does not point out, " set " it is directiveness and union of instruction sex photograph, give priority to with directiveness, instruction sex is complementary standard paying reward. " regulation " propose contracted liberty, the means that the author can agree through the contract with the person that use above all comes from standard of travel agreement remuneration, if both do not have a contract or fulfil pays the level without the agreement in the contract, must according to " regulation " will carry out.

" set " in the kind that the author has 3 kinds to obtain remuneration: Basic remuneration adds impression remuneration, royalty draft respond with a poem is one-time pay reward. Shang Zhaozhi says, because encourage, the author can agree freely with the person that use remuneration standard and a variety of remuneration pay a choice way, just can appear the social status millions such as Guo Jingming, Han Han, Yu Dan, easy meridian passage yuan even 10 thousand yuan thousands of " plute " writer. In the meantime, this also the work quality with him writer, famous degree, himlouis vuitton outlets online author or the element such as the effective rate that its agent, agent runs to the market of work has close relationship.

Raise contribution fee bit of duty is asked for to be absent since duty copyright bureau

Raise contribution fee in the light of the netizen the appeal that the dot signs since duty, shang Zhaozhi expresses to our newspaper reporter, "This thing is not in the duty limits of national copyright bureau, but, the requirement that we meet an everybody and opinion feedback to concerned branch. " when to come on stage as to new regulation, shang Zhaozhi expresses, still do not have specific authentic louis vuitton outlets timetable at present, "Because drag in face is very much. "Because drag in face is very much..

Zhang Hongbo of total a secretary in charge of sth of association of Chinese character copyright expresses, "Remuneration guidance level is important, raise contribution fee it is important also that the place is collected since duty, want to have the appeal from different level. Tax power to make decisions basically is in country tax total bureau. We are planning, continue to be " two meetings " delegate and commissarial preparation material, appeallouis vuitton speedy this issue, hope the person that everybody is composed is taken an active part in. Hope the person that everybody is composed is taken an active part in..

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