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Guangzhou first website selling food closes down in succession the person that survive sticks this hardship to maintain

09/01/2012 23:40 0 Comentarios Lectura: ( palabras)

Guangzhou first website selling food closes down in succession the person that survive sticks this hardship to maintain

Need not run congestedgucci outlets market, mouse of the dub in needing to sit in the home only or make a telephone call, with respect to the delicacy of vegetables and fruits with meeting the will freshest somebody the flesh sends come, and price and in the market same, cheaper even. 3 years two ago, very fashionable website selling food is extremely red temporarily, however the pay a return visit recently discovers the reporter, guangzhou in former days prosperous " good helper ", " friendship 10 thousand " the website selling food that waits for first emerge in large numbers alreadygucci outlets store not answer exist. Dish day sells to all even more on the say net that has industry vane in those days additionally the Dong Chuanxin downtown streets of 20 order, portfolio is cut nowadays to average in January 8~10 order, hard hold together.


The keep an enterprise going by painstaking effort that some half an year remain with respect to close a business

"Opened friendship 2009 10 thousand websites selling food, did half an year to do no less than going to, change his profession hotel ", regard Guangzhou as the network selling food that first occurrence, qin Wei of author of limited company of discounted gucci bags service of 10 thousand community is opposite friendship market of the carry out on the net was full of hope and expect. Qin Wei tells a reporter, oneself live in a new residential quarter of Yu pray blessing at that time, time Yu building dish the dweller is busy office worker more very, very rare time rambles everyday market buys food, and the price compares the supermarket vegetable in the village again tall, from this nose business chance, bold started network selling food, 27 community that basically are aimed at a Yu areaoriginal gucci bags undertake deserving vegetably to send a service, enclothe limits to include many buildings dish, "Dish sold to be obtained really in practice beginning on the net a lot of young white-collars and curtilage male favor femaly curtilage " . It is however after great ambition poineering half an year, friendship sells dish 10 thousand times the website already not answer existence.

As we have learned, the website selling food of Guangzhou has 3 kinds of forms: By the government leading team does a kind, one kind is the private enterprise of partition of take root administration, still one is plant is the supplier of organic pork food that takes high-endleather gucci bags course extend appreciation service. As the surname " fair " Dong Chuanxin downtown streets hand in hand the net selling food of cobweb, still the awkward situation of ineludible keep an enterprise going by painstaking effort.

The limited company of Guangzhou Dong Chuanxin downtown streets that professional work selling food attends with respect to responsible all the time net at the beginning of establishing from 2009 manages department vice director piece tells a reporter, the kinds or types of goods that basket of serving of the net when 2009 can order exceeds 1000 a variety of, appear on the market basically a some kinds or types of goods, net serving basket also can see, and every month still meets food basket and spread out individually door discuss, special offer sales promotion is gotten on the net. "Good factor of a few interest, your dish sells ammunition of ten share out bonus on the net at that time ", piece tells a reporter, dish sold to trade on the net 2009 the forehead can achieve 500~600 one day yuan, order of a day can receive 20 many order when highest peak, trade the forehead exceeds 1000 yuan, and the gucci bags outlet average of a month is returned this year not as good as order of a day was counted 2009, very few can count 8~10 sheet to control. Piece expresses, the one catastrophe of the website is inscribed nowadays is to not have run the financing source that dish sells business on the net, manage with equipment artificially hard hold together.

Reason 1

It is difficult that hand deserves to send not quite catch up with demand

Piece thinks, net selling food can the first requirement that operation goes down is good content shedding deserves to send, dan Dongchuan market deserves to send personnel to have 2~3 person only, be in charge of market periphery inside 3 kilometers limits all matching that send the mission, advocate if electric car or trailer means send dish, come. If be to encounter the fastigium that orders dish and requirement to send dish, can appear the corner of hurry-scurry. "Resemble outer midday meal taking a case, almost everybody ordered a meal at 12 o'clock, ask to ate a meal at 1 o'clock, deserving finitely to send means to reach deserve to serve personnel amount foundation, accomplish harddesigner gucci bags make everybody satisfactory " . As time passes, neighbor people went with respect to what can abandon. "Friendship lasted 10 thousand times only half an year, a very big factor, it is to deserve to send personnel the measure not much, catch up with hard demand ", qin Wei also thinks.

Reporter investigation returns discovery, because majority sells what food web executes a few yuan to deserve to send cost, but do not set the upper limit that purchases amount and weight, let many astute division suckle dozen of abacus that removed a group to buy. A controller of website selling food that does not wish to disclose a full name tells a reporter, "Often receive the order that many families group buys, the gross weight of vegetables and fruits that the requirement matchs to send is close 100 jins, the price has 200~300 only yuan, body of a member that deserve to send fights 100 jins of heavy things, tired terrible, still be incur loss through delay however deserve to send time, the client complains withgucci bags 2012 the member that deserve to send unceasingly ", and return what can receive 3 yuan only to deserve to send cost, this kind of order more than 1, let a website manage with each passing day " force has do not reachcapture " .

Reason 2

Deserve to send cost to buy two jins of vegetable a respectful form of address for an old person not to work quite

In addition, the netizen expresses, 3 yuan, 5 yuan deserve to send cost opposite for on the high side, the amount that buys food especially normally lesser, appear under photograph comparing not be to one's profit. "If buy the food of ten yuan of money only, want those who increase 5 yuan of fund to deserve to send cost, that is deficient big " .

"The pressure that because of getting cost rises, we are helpless this year will deserve to send cost to raise 5 yuan from 3 original yuan ", piece says, but rise after deserving to send cost, many neighbor did not work. When dish price is cheap, 5 yuan can buy two jins ofgucci handbags vegetable at least, a lot of old people become aware the move is not economical, be inferior to using deserve to send cost to buy two jins of vegetable more in market directly more economical. Because deserve to send cost, let buy dish main force -- old people becomes a net to go up hard the group that buy food.

Reason 3

Fresh vegetables and fruits carries easy loss, neighbor is dissatisfactory

What manage except the website is immature outside, many when accept a reporter to interview net selling food thinks, food sells on the net gloomy still have bigger correlation with the habit that at present consumer buys food temporarily. Qin Wei thinks, old wide buy food or like an eye to see for solid, even if staff member essence is carried fine chosen fresh and tender vegetable, when deliver goods comes, neighbor still is becoming aware what go up as the picture on the net is fresh and tender be about to drip. Next, of fresh vegetable deserve to send content to shed easy wear and tear, choose in experience, wrap up and journey are carried after waiting for a few link, meeting influence vegetable is in intuitionistic those who go up is fresh degree.

"And a lot of old people the one share that sells dish to serve as the life, go to market buying dish or bargain to make one of life fun ", qin Wei thinks, inside brief period, the habit of the citizen that buy food is changed hard.

Settlement way

Draw lessons from express content to shed means to assure to deserve strongly to send

Although sell food web to last hard, but many pairs of this louis vuitton outlets one shopping mode when controller of many network selling food is accepting a reporter to interview still expresses to have hope very, shop on rapid to developing at present net for, the citizen is accepted already extensively and love, buy the garment to buy a shoe to be on the net, why cannot be food bought on the net?

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