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Groupon drops greatly " quick-freeze " the group buys heat

14/01/2012 23:30 0 Comentarios Lectura: ( palabras)

Groupon drops greatly " quick-freeze " the group buys heat

Around the move isgucci outlets round the argument that buys pattern of this one trade never has stopped, and the experience that oppugning the material with this one best configuration is bibcock enterprise. Since the near future, groupon price appears to fluctuate considerably, market prise for a time from the 16.5 billion dollar that appears on the market first days, drop to 9.6 billion dollar.

Around move the doubt of Groupon is done not have appear on the market because of it and stop, instead because of financial forms for reporting statistics open, share price drops wait for an element and more acerb rise. And in China as it joint-stock company Gao gucci outlets store Peng net explodes net of a disturbance cutting down the member of persons employed and fake scandal, shake handshandle goes to beautiful IPO break down to wait for negative news circulate, the heat that the group buys also has fallen in China freezing point is the following.

The group buys pattern no longer by " accredit "

Of Groupon appear on the market, it is the most large-scale Internet company IPO since afterwards Google appears on the market.

Finish the doubt that appears on the market to did not appease people. Analytic personage thinks, this IPO sells Groupon merely 5% of total capital stock, this kind cause artificially " demand exceeds supply " false appearance can be in appear on the market initial stage pushs high share price, build person energy of life. What Groupon near future appears is big drop it seems that also test and verify this kind of view, the analyst thinks, because partial investor is eager to changing the stock, dropping greatly is now, in order to avoid yield of not affirmatory foreground be a burden on.

More serious is, appear on the market and can not appease people to be managed to Groupon even the doubt on mode. Foreign media analysis says, groupon battalion restrained growth last year 2241%, but defray amplitude is faster, amount discounted gucci bags to 5732% . 2010, groupon registers an user to get more, 263.2 million dollar was cost on sale, and 4.5 million dollar is in this share charge 2009. In addition, although the user base of Groupon is in, grow quickly, but the battalion that every user brings closes to be in however drop, from 2010 the 19 dollars of the 3rd quarter fall to 2011 the 14 dollars first quarter. This among them, the battalion that comes from old user closes dropped 57%, drop from 58 dollars to 37 dollars.

Colombian business school teachs wheat of beautiful tower · to overcame case bud silk to design model of a commerce, undertook grading to be the representing's group to buy a trade with Groupon. In this grading, the user changeover cost that the group purchases is very low, bring about user faithfulness to spend very low, the group is bought the user is grabbed to do not have a doorsill basically between the station; Client and website are pure be based on trade property, pay to be not had durative; User interface also does not have special place, major user browses content through website of mail and rather than; The group buys offerred a lot of services to also be not an user to need, notch in necessity respect not tall; In addition, the group buys pattern building relation network respect to make progress not quite, cannot establish particularly firmoriginal gucci bags relationship, the exploration effect in SNS respect is not big. And look from long-term value respect, the user can get a few benefit from low price however. Overall look, in always dividing mode of 70 minutes to check, groupon notchs it is 38 minutes only.

All these accords with people to buy the intuitionistic understanding of the industry to the group it seems that: "Turn round guest " rate is lower and lower, the person that sees be not bought only is increasing, the fervent and more land that the group buys is to relyleather gucci bags on growth of market of sale shift and rather than to reach.

Domestic group buys body be pesteringed by negative news

■ data

The group buys website gross to enjoy growth first

■ sound

The doorsill already became tall

KESO (Internet is senior analytic person) : The group is bought had become high threshold from low doorsill, the inadequacy of financing ability will wash out majority group to buy a website, survival will from the phase that burn money, enter spelldesigner gucci bags phase of exercise to benefit the internal organs. The growth pattern that capital supports cannot last, the website must prove to be able to feed his, generation redound. This changes what level compares forecast to come so that want fast.

99.9% meetings are dead

Wang Hui article (vice president of beautiful round network) : I believe next year the 2nd quarter, the group buys the circumstance of whole outstanding achievement of the industry to be able to drive the view of capital market to change. This industry is to bet a concept at the beginning, once excessive with respect to meeting occurrence bubble. After bubble was defeated, outstanding achievement can cash gradually. The 2nd round ameliorate or see outstanding achievement, because outstanding achievement is, compare notional defer. When so outstanding achievement cashs -- I believe next year end arrives first quartergucci bags 2012 the 2nd quarter, can have new improvement, no matter be of capital market, still be outstanding achievement. Of course, the group of 99.9% buys a website to be able to die, because be in, line of business of branch of Internet domain greater part is can remnant 3 reach 5, the group is bought now have 5000, be being divided is 99.9% .

Wanting to earn money

Shen Boyang (controller of network of polished glutinous rice) : What compete with Groupon truly in the United States is Google. Why Google wants to do, becausegucci handbags it can use a wheel to earn money only now -- the money that earns small website to click, but the money that does not earn this locality businessman. The group is bought allow Google discovery, it may be another profitable wheel. The group is bought is human first time the dining-room that gets on driveway edge is moved to Internet to sell. Actually consumer spends the money on objective, the money that goes up in idle away in seeking pleasure with the flower is level of a volume, what the group buys a likelihood to turn next this locality louis vuitton outlets into service business is naughty treasure. This market is very big, but must not want to earn money, ground of proper now horse race circle is must.

Integrated trend is clear

Hu Chen (the group buys consumptive expert, group 800 combination author) :

The group buys itself to remain consumer and this locality the rigid demand of business door, purify is cruel grow after caused louis vuitton outlets empty fire bubble and malign competition, its commerce value also is met gradually tamp, after the market space after way station closes down is filled to go up immediately by big station, the integrated trend that countrywide group buys a station is sent more apparent.

(Article origin: New capital signs up for an author: This world vasts)

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