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Comment: Do not make money to burn the industry of money only, why to talk to develop?

05/01/2012 22:10 0 Comentarios Lectura: ( palabras)

Comment: Do not make money to burn the industry of money only, why to talk to develop?

"Electric businessgucci outlets and group are bought, it is now really the water of time of muddy of Chinese Internet, everybody does not want to be touched easily. " recently, reporter and Zhang Yi of moxa intermediary advisory CEO are when prattle, get such verdict not only. Really, electric business and group are bought, in Internet enterprise of China, although hold some weight many, and the voice that give out is not small also, but, take the word that weighs in gucci outlets store the hand truly, it is a few " help the fool that does not rise up " .

Visit electric business territory first, clean out treasure, Beijing east store, Su Ning is bought easily etc advanced, should wait when a net, inn after, notting have is not the famous renown name in Chinese Internet industry. But at present besides should appear on the market successfully when the net besides, still do not have website of business affairs of the 2nd electron to be able to log onto capital market, and be opposite in industry among the view of these electric business, "Burn money, financing, burn money again " the practice has made a rule it seems that, let spectator not have do not do it be bitterly disappointed. And stopping to see incoming telegram business in the person of the outside not simply is an a bottomless pit, also feel sad for it from him personnel of course of study repeatedly. Bi Sheng of Le Tao CEO thinks electronic business affairs is likely is " fraud " : "I am heard recently ' electronic business affairs ' these 4 words are more disgusting, male bediscounted gucci bags afraid of wrong travel, female be afraid of marry poor man, I feel I went into the fault. Below current market condition, many electric business are to sustain losses in business earn cry out, do not make money, so the likelihood is " fraud " . Bi Sheng says in making a speech, at present Le Tao is thinking again transition break out of an encirclement, have blind lane only otherwise. Have blind lane only otherwise..

Indeed, a no less than is small recently a rife Duan Zi on rich: "A: This, how much can profit of your next year accomplish? B: We are electric business. Thank. A: I know you are electric business, how much am I to ask you next year to profit can be accomplished? B: Are you foolish? We are electric business! " perhaps can show an issue very much when the outstanding achievement when the net, should issue bulletin of money of the 3rd quarter when the net, should close when net total battalion when season for 900 million yuan of RMBs, grow 50% compared to the same period, general merchandise business grows 162%, because content spreads investment 130 million and politic whole class carriesoriginal gucci bags out low, integral deficit 71.1 million yuan, believe even if the old of electric business, beijing east the money newspaper of the store also won't compare this good-looking.

Besides electric business, the group buys a trade also is current a of Chinese Internet popular domain, from arisen to nowadays 100 round big fight are time of two years merely, and the website that exceeds 5000 group to buy a websiteleather gucci bags to perhaps involve a group to buy nowadays, live after all state how?

Perhaps of shake handshandle net appear on the market after delaying, the disturbance cutting down the member of persons employed of nest nest group and the message that one major group buys a website to be updated no longer return the word that causes an effect to the industry not quite, when the friend that the reporter is in recently and the masses comments on a net is discussing industry, the employee that will be commented on from the masses is defied togucci bags outlet the utmost actually let the masses comment on buy with the group buy too much concern, and the company that emphasizing the masses commenting on all the time is a dedicated and mobile Internet, but undeniable is, the group that the masses comments on purchases a service, even him reporter also already for many times patronage. Deny the business that oneself run to the utmost along company of Home He Rangyi? "Is the group bought " why can this child let him " close Mom " do not agree to admit? Want to seek an account, return so that buy designer gucci bags oneself to speak of from the group, what Zhang Yi of CEO of intermediary of moxa of no less than says in that way, the group is bought is a very good mode actually, but because do the person that the group buys now too eager for quick success and instant benefit, well mode just makes overflow in China.

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