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Baidu library bookshop comes off become Baidu to read

27/12/2011 22:10 0 Comentarios Lectura: ( palabras)

Baidu library bookshop comes off become Baidu to read

Dispatch of Netease science louis vuitton outlets and technology on December 8 message, baidu library announces correcting formally now, the library bookshop that provides original number resource depart is become " Baidu is read ", former Baidu library continues to locate for the user documentation shares platform.

According to introducing, through louis vuitton outlets stores this second correcting, baidu library will be become and Baidu knows, Baidu the is based on an user completely to upload documentation of same quality shares 100 divisions platform, offer at present " education, PPT, professional document, practical writing book " area of 4 three-year institution of higher learning. And Baidu is read basically pass as square as copyright collaboration, offerlouis vuitton outlets store online correct edition number reads resource.

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But this year in November around, baidu library is sued again by 4 writers such as Han Han, be pointed to to be put in many tort documentation, baidu shut the literarylouis vuitton 2012 category in library subsequently.

According to the data that the governmentlouis vuitton outlet publishs, from 2009 louis vuitton wallets the line on the bottomlouis vuitton speedy up to now, baidu library already collected the documentation data that the user uploads to exceed 27.8 million.

(Article origin: Report of Netease science and technology)

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