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Angel investment is Bai Le not be Immanuel

10/01/2012 22:20 0 Comentarios Lectura: ( palabras)

Angel investment is Bai Le not be Immanuel

Last weekend, saving louis vuitton outlets manage to be versed in by southern Metropolis Daily, hemp " science and technology does poineering work " sponsor, the current engage by special arrangement that fasten a gram holds Shanghai " EmTech investment forum and recreational on the weekend swim " on, how did relevant and professional personage introduce the issue that angel invests to undertake discussing with respect to small small company. The expert expresses, although angel investment can help one share, small small company walks out of predicament, but they or won't easily those are in chip in notional period is mixed the project of seminal period, in the final analysis still needs enterprise oneself to have successful gene, poineering initial stage still must rely on own reserves to undertake hitting louis vuitton outlets stores going all out.

Angel invests or be new outlet

Period of time comes recently, the policy that gives aid to about financing of small small company appears again and again. On October 24, silver-colored inspect can allot " the additional announcement that serves about supporting a commercial bank to improve banking of small-sized miniature business further ", 3 banks catch the bank of media coverage the people's livelihood, riverside hair bank, bank that start line of business in all wholesale travel debt of 110 billion yuan louis vuitton 2012 of finance, bank of deep development, Hangzhou already also applied for to issue debt of banking of small small company to superintendency layer, 5 banks applied for 138 billion yuan in all.

Zhejiang province also was released a few days ago " advance about development small a certain number of opinions that finance company reform develops ", in small the policy of the respect such as innovation of mode of channel of source of the admittance condition of finance company, financing, service, standard management was made relax moderately and adjust.

However, policy gives aid to also confirm the current situation with bad financing of small small company. "Lukewarm city employer runs copartner of PE of road, some famous whole world is informed by investor by urgent recall United States, some poineering company capital cannot reach the designated position temporarily wait for a variety of evidence to make clear, the financing environment of small small company is occurrentlouis vuitton outlet change. " vice president of director of limited company of development of estate of buy of swallow of vice-president of Shanghai ivy capital, Shanghai China and Kunming Fan Hui of trustee of limited company of estate of flowers of bright and beautiful center is numerous express.

Current, to broad the small small company that has financing gap will tell, arrive from bank be in harmony money still is a tickler. Model benefit numerous proposal, small small company mights as well try go seeking angel investor.

Angel investor is called to invest angel sometimes (Business Angel), it is the Bai Le of the person that do poineering work, also be the main motive force that promotes technical innovation and development. If will compare with investing to the student, old high school student of average have sth in mind of company of venture capital investment, and the pupil that louis vuitton wallets angel investor breeds budding phase is the children before school age even.

Angel investor of home basically shows senior controller of foreign capital company, abroad overseas Chinese and sea put in a personage 's charge, he Xianfu of successful civilian battalion entrepreneur removes comer, also include all sorts of poineering fund of the government additionally. Angel investment has 3 kinds of kinds: The first kind is to serve as merely contributive person, and investment won't exceed 200 thousand yuan commonly. Below this kind of circumstance, it is the person that do poineering work completely OK what in oneself periphery finds is rich model angel investor, they or stem from accredit, or be in feeling, it is intuition is opposite even the person that do poineering work has investment; The investor that has experience relatively can be participated in on certain level or guidance is invested of the enterprise run, investment is larger also, about 1 million yuan, these angel people the controller that may be a success, small proprietor of an enterprise, advanced intellectual, white-collar or gold get elite; The industrialist that has successful experience also can do poineering work to what value the enterprise provides a few support, investment is in more millions of yuan above.

Notional period seed period the project obtains favour hard

What kind of enterprise can introduce angel? Fan Hui is numerouslouis vuitton outlets store online express, a small small company wants to gain angel favour, should have the following requirement: The first, the company that it is fortune of a creation --, improved efficiency, managing resource, reduced cost, supply chain management, energy-saving environmental protection, new material for example; The 2nd, the method that creates wealth can be magnified, be duplicated --, gap of outspread process financing, capital return rate is high; The 3rd, policy place is encouraged and the pattern that creates wealth supports; The 4th, itlouis vuitton outlets online is OK that the process that creates wealth can be recorded by place of contemporary fiscal method by audit; The 5th, of the clarity of the history that the company grows, the border of asset and equity is clear; The 6th, can serve as and buy an object.

The word says easily, the industry that is in seminal period gains the favour of angel investor very hard however. Professionalauthentic louis vuitton outlets personage expresses, often the poineering plan of newly established period has such characteristic mostly: Have the courage to think dare say and resource scarcity, cannot give investor hope.

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