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American game is fictitious dimensions will amount to

08/01/2012 22:20 0 Comentarios Lectura: ( palabras)

American game is fictitious dimensions will amount to

The message occupiedlouis vuitton outlets dispatch of Netease science and technology on December 8 foreign media coverage, game is fictitious article trades the market is put in 10 time nether world about, but if want to ask its when to be obtained on American market, develop energetically, this wants restrospect to probably Facebook rolled out social net game to begin in great quantities 2007. Although start late, but this industry is current minority increases one oflouis vuitton outlets stores the sharpest markets a few times. And a report that publishs today according to Inside Virtual Goods of orgnaization of American market research, trade as fictitious article the progressively maturity of the market, of completely beautiful 2012 fictitious article trade the scale that will reach 2.9 billion dollar. And this one word, was 1.6 billion dollar only last year, there also is 2.2 billion dollar only this year.

Facebook will still contribute the fictitious article that exceeds an in part to trade the forehead. When 2010, this company fictitious article trades the forehead is only 835 million dollar, growthlouis vuitton 2012 comes this year 1.2 billion dollar, and will attain scale of 1.6 billion dollar more next year. Facebook is maintaining annual of 400 million dollar trade the forehead grows, year increase rate was achieved this year 50%, predicting next year is at least 35% . The report receives a number without the concrete barracks that discloses Facebook publicly, but the IPO application file that develops business Zynga according to social net game learns, the acquired more than 300 million dollar first quarter income on latter, and when expression of the outstanding achievement on Zynga company history is best, its trade in Facebook fictitious article thelouis vuitton outlet portion on the market is occupied about 75% .

Come so, the data that the battalion of Facebook collects to be able to be made public through the company such as Zynga undertakes estimation. Since this year July, facebook announces what unload all and fictitious goods to the banner to trade collect of 30% smoke. Accordingly, when next year Facebook of a certain moment also publishs financial information to appear on the market, the battalion that can predict the company comes from development business sidelouis vuitton wallets basically closes will reach 500 million dollar at least.

As a whole, development business knows gregarious game how to create income from inside fictitious commodity more and more, although a lot of game had entered user backwater, grow even reductive phase. Specific for, have nowadays very big the income of one part is to come from the game that is aimed at player of class of ashes of the deadlouis vuitton outlets store online at those, for example provides the Kingdoms Of Camelot of the representing that comes from Kabam company most. Although this game is inferior to the CityVille of Zynga having more player, but the expenditure of average per capita of the player in game however greatly prep above is latter. Because game in some way attracted a player, be probably, they can buy as a result the fictitious commodity on the webpage or download MMO, but this kind whole development that grows to whether can be fictitious commodity market finallylouis vuitton outlets online brings the front to affect still not quite Anacreontic.

In addition, a report shows, the fictitious article that comes from the floating platform such as the mobile phone trades in the past a bouncing type also appears to grow in 18 months. Forecast mediumly according to the report, game respect comes from only in floating platform (do not include the digital media information such as music) fictitiousauthentic louis vuitton outlets commodity trades annual will attain scale of 350 million dollar this year, and this one word will grow in next year to dimensions of 500 million dollar.

But the restricted that floating platform also has oneself. Facebook offerred some special gathering the ground is founded with convenient development business, develop their game and gain profit finally. And the gucci outlets floating platform that is full of competition lacks social function, need to pay more development cost. Nevertheless IOS also trades to fictitious commodity collection the charge of 30%, this and Facebook are same. (Lu Xin)

(Article origin: Report of Netease science and technology)

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